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"Jay has ran more media in a day, than most companies do in a year online..." -


What They Say

Training Courses:

Jay has partnered with Max Profit Brands to be the brand he releases his complete training courses under. So even though he's featured in the top training platforms online, this will be the only place you can get full access to his methodology.

Coaching Call:

This is Jay's absolute favorite service to provide. Even though he's functionally spent more in a day than most businesses do in a year online, he's a teacher at heart. Booking a 1-on-1 call with Jay is the best and quickest way to night-and-day your business.


Previously to work with Jay directly, you had to be referred by a pre-existing client and pay a minimum of a $250k/yr retainer. Since retiring Jay has partnered with James Starr (a multi-two comma award winner) to create a more economically friendly, mass market solution.